Internet & Telephony

Satisfied guests! Wireless Internet access, managed and maintained from the Cloud. The WiFi solution for the hospitality industry.

We ensure that your guests can make use of high quality and reliable Wi-Fi network. triWiFi is perfect to give your guests Internet access, completely separate from the internal corporate network.
With triWiFi exploits can easily and inexpensively hotspot network. The controller is approaching in the cloud and web based.

Is your Wifi still up to date? By answering a few short questions, you know quickly that your wifi still meets the expectations of your guests.


triWifi features:

• Cloud based
• Owned WiFi with active monitoring service
• Dashboard
• Bandwidth scalable
• Infinite customer profiles, 4 network names
• Facebook link
• Custom landing page
• Private and secure network
• Low maintenance
• 24/7 Helpdesk
• Ticket System

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