Samsung LYNK

A flexible, cost-efficient content management solution for hotel displays.

Samsung’s LYNK REACH software is an embedded content management solution for the hospitality industry that uses existing coaxial cable infrastructure to help hospitality properties manage and deploy content on hotel guestroom TVs.

  • Coaxial Infrastructure Compatibility
  • Easily Customized User Interface (UI)
  • Customized in-room content for specific audiences
  • Remote In-room Display Management Capabilities


Philips CMND

CMND – a new Philips innovation for Signage, Infochannels & Videowalls: promote your services to your guests via adjustable pages with hotel information from a central remote location without visiting the rooms.

The right message at the right time

CMND gives the possibility to configure the tv & display- settings and upgrade them from one centralized location. With CMND you can share the information, focus on your brand and pay attention to services such as the restaurants or spa to generate additional income without the need for a separate system.

All in all, the CMND display management software fully integrates our Hospitality TVs and Signage displays. For example, if a hotel has our TVs in the room and our Signage displays in the lobby and conference room, they can control them all with CMND

Check out the new Philips brochure for Hospitality and signage solutions here, Philips brochure

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LG Pro:Centric

Pro:Centric is LG’s unique and dedicated hotel data broadcasting platform  for various service applications. With our  platform you can customize the in-room experience.

Pro:Centric provides an easy way to interface with interactive program guides and internet  data feeds, as well as applications designed to connect guests to hotel services such as room service menus and spa reservation.

Pro:Centric is LG’s unique & dedicated hotel data  broadcasting platform (GEM & Flash-Lite based Application). Various service applications are available according to the service provider.

  • Guest will enjoy hotel information.
  • Setting hotel mode & channel mapping is easy & effective.
  • Content editing is easy.



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