Experience a perfect match of comfort and optimized care. The challenge is to provide personalized infotainment to your patient where the staff can focus on the quality of care.

triAV's ambition is to deliver patient engagement technology. From the largest university hospital to  a private health clinic and a dialysis center, each environment is unique, which is why our team customizes products and service offerings to meet your specific requirements. We bring communication and entertainment technology to the point of care. Our solutions empower patients and clinicians to achieve better experiences and improved outcomes.

Improved bed experience

The patient data and hospital information is always up to date. The TV, internet and video content is state of art. All of this will reduce the length of stay and moreover it will improve  the total customer satisfaction. Adapt the language and content to the patients wish and origin.

Optimize hospital information

Integration-ready SMART signage or an eye-catching video wall can present guests and patients with important information while enhancing the ambiance of the property’s public areas. Information sharing via displays and WiFi in the hospitals' public areas and  restaurant.

Simplify deployment and management

Software solutions make it easy to manage, customize and secure these cutting edge systems, all while minimizing unexpected expenses and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Connecting, sharing information and enhance patients experience at limited costs

Bert Nijeboer, "A regional hospital has different needs with regard to television and the Internet than an institution for old people. This applies not only to the choice of channels, but also for bedarmen for televisions, the size of the televisions. Always stays the same simplicity of operation. That makes for triAV!''

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