Almer van der Molen  - Sales Manager | CEO

"The network is the great backbone of various services in most hotels. Hotel TV, Room Telephones, Guest Internet, Room Control and Digital Signage, everything uses this. It is therefore important not to be alone in the role of System Integrator. to respond to the constantly changing needs of hotel guests, but also to unburden the hotel in the integration and operation of multiple services over the same infrastructure. That is what we call a total solution. "

Boukje Mannens - Sales Manager

Knowledge of the latest Wi-Fi, mobile technology and hospitality TV systems is an advantage to strengthen the Sales team. With extensive experience in the field of System Integration, the team will only become stronger.

Arno van Elst - Product Manager

In 2007 I joined the triAV team as an installer. In 5 years I learned a lot in the field of programming TVs, distribution techniques about coax, IPTV and server-oriented solutions for Hotel TVs. The technical aspect of these applications changes at a rapid pace, think of the ChromeCast, AppleTV, Apps in the TVs, etc. In 2012, as Project Manager, the installation team managed the many factors that this team knows. In those 8 years managed to manage very nice projects for triAV. The Nijkerks company opened its wings to foreign countries such as Italy, France, Austria and Spain to also carry out the TV installations for its new customers. In September 2020, people were asked to fill in the new position of Product Manager. With this I support the Sales team with the important specifications of the products that we apply to our customers. When it comes to versatility .... 100% excited!

Bert van den Broek - Junior Field Engineer

Since March 2020 I joined the team as a Field Engineer to install the beautiful projects. I also strive to learn more about the technique to get the TV channels from one point to another. For this I still learn every day.

Jarno Ott - Project Manager

After quite a few years on the shop floor, I was offered to do the preparatory work as a Project Manager. I consult with the Sales Managers about the route to be followed and see whether all materials can be assembled on location by our professionals. Many factors can be determined in advance, which all need to be viewed and tested. To this end, the situation at the customers must also be closely monitored. Versatility is what makes this position so challenging. Together with the team, we always turn it into a good result.

Omur Bayrak - Senior Field Engineer

"I can switch quickly and like to immerse myself in new challenges. I adapt quickly to colleagues and new environments. In the hospitality industry you meet many different people. With a background in electrical engineering and ICT / system management, several years of experience in a hospitality industry. I regularly meet ex colleagues, which makes the work extra fun. "

George van Noordenburg - Backoffice

"As a backoffice employee I am responsible for the administrative processing of work orders and content requests (Canal Digital & Ziggo). I also take care of the orders, from acceptance to shipping and the debtors / creditors administration. Where necessary, I assist my colleagues with the planning. In this position I have a lot of variety and no two days are the same. "

Yvonne Renes | Coordinator Backoffice

With the experience as a secretary / administrative assistant / telephonist I applied for the position Coordinator Back Office and have been working with colleagues in this department since 2018. When you, as a company, install and use products and materials, they must be purchased, booked in and processed financially. In addition to order processing and frequent meetings, the calls are usually accepted by me. Maybe I will talk to you soon?

Joep van Zandvoort | Senior Field Engineer

With the experience in installation technology I feel very comfortable with the team of which I am a part. No two days are the same. Together with our colleagues, we create great projects that require 'Out-of-the-box' thinking here and there. That makes it interesting for me to take on that challenge. New techniques, fast switching and a good team contribute to the daily work. If this also appeals to you, call the company. Maybe you will join soon!



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