Bert Nijeboer - Sales Manager | Owner

"In most hotels, the network is the major backbone of different services. Hotel TV, room phones, Guest Internet, Room Control and Digital Signage, everything takes advantage. Therefore it is important, as a system integrator, to focus on the ever-changing needs of hotel guests and to unburden the hotel in the integration and operation of multiple services over the same infrastructure. That's what we call a complete solution. "

Almer van der Molen - Business Development Manager

To reinforce our sales team he possesses a thorough knowledge of the latest techniques Wi-Fi, mobile technology, and hospitality TV systems and has extensive experience in the field of System Integration.

Arno van Elst - Project leader

"In France, I completed my training to develop innovative multimedia services, tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry. Also consider implementing solutions with Samsung Lynk Sinc, Philips CMND and LG Procentric. The knowledge I've done on it I use every day. Know the latest developments are important for me to perform my job well. I'm involved in our projects of the preparations for the handlers. And the troubleshooting in whatever form, every day is a challenge. "

Vincent Bijvank - Aftersales

"At TriAV for 10 years now, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, now in the function aftersales. In this position I am involved in the quality control of our installations and I maintain the relationships with our clients. There is nothing more important than fast and adequate service and it is my pleasure to explain how we are unique in the industry. You can also contact me for all questions concerning contracts, invoicing and as well for the purchase process. Feel free to contact me anytime and I would love to visit you for further explanation”

Robert van Dijkhuizen - Field Engineer

"My work at triAV range from the installation of satellite equipment to hanging televisions. The jam the customer is always challenging. The various activities, contacts with other people and working within the Benelux countries make it for me so interesting. "

Jarno Ott - Field Engineer

"Technology is my passion that is why I work with pleasure at triAV. My experience as a VIP host to concerts in the Gelredomegive me the knowledge what it's like to be at someone's service. The hospitality industry fits me like a glove. "

Omur Bayrak - Field Engineer

"I can switch quickly and I like to immerse new challenges. I adapt quickly to colleagues and new environments. In the hospitality industry, you will meet many different people. With a background in electrical engineering and ICT / System several years experience in hospitality industry environment I regularly meet former colleagues which make work extra fun. "

George van Noordenburg - Back office

"As office staff, I am responsible for the administrative processing of orders and content applications (Canal Digital). I' responsible for the orders, acceptance, and shipping. Where desirable, I assist my colleagues in the planning. I have a lot of variety in this position."

Remmelt van der Woude - Marketing Manager | Owner

"In the several years I work at triAV I see we are fully in motion. We have come a long way from a TV installation company into a system integrator offering a range of innovative products and services. Within the triAV organization, I am responsible for the strategy, product management, and marketing. by continuously improving our products and services we work to maximize customer satisfaction. Of course, we try to do this with products, services and of course the people who fit well with us. This carries the message out for the customer; When triAV is in the picture, everything will be fine' 'This takes the customer in our DNA: Technology as part of our obsession to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Bernard Gosselink - Financial Manager | Owner

"It feels good to see what we are able to with the triAV team. The commitment and involvement of all make us a financially healthy company. That makes us a solid organization in the hospitality sector. If Brabant epicurean I've set it so good for my purposes in this studious club that operates in a dynamic world where new developments follow each other quickly. "

Ine Marijke Schurink - Creative concepts communication & design

"I am particularly curious by nature. Keeping up and sharing knowledge is my motivation. The diversity of the hospitality industry is the challenge. This makes communication about our products and services both internally and externally, varied and fascinating. At the height of the changing needs of the hospitality industry is what distinguishes triAV. In addition to technical innovations, I think as a designer, trends and developments are just as important in the field of interior design, hospitality and management experience. "

Mariska van Omme - Account Manager

As an Account Manager I am on the road a lot. The visits vary from the smaller hotels to the larger ones. This makes my work fun! I like the contact with different people. At the moment, a lot is changing in the way of watching television. The analog signal will disappear and everything will become digital. I make an inventory without any obligation what effect this will have within the hotel and therefore your guests. The Hospitality branch appeals to me because people are hospitable and this is reflecting in the conversations I have. Perhaps we will see each other in the future for a tailored advice!

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