Snowfall mainly disturbs TV reception via satellite

Also snow in the hotel room?

Are your guests warm, with a cup of hot chocolate in the hotel room, to recover from a long journey? Hopefully it will not snow in the rooms themselves! The heavy snowfall mainly disrupts satellite reception on Sunday. Interference on other networks can not be ruled out, due to power interruptions or problems with signal feed.

The Netherlands was hit by snowfall on Sunday on a scale that has not often been seen in recent years. The first television viewers who suffer from this are users of satellite reception. Anyone watching TV with the dish via Canal Digitaal has to deal with interference in almost all of the country. The solution is easy if the dish is reachable: simply wipe the snow from the LNB head. An LNB is the most critical part in the link in satellite reception. Raindrops dampen reception, but snow completely blocks the radiation from the satellite.

Even more problems coming

It is possible that Monday will again lead to heavy snowfall in parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. The snowfall can also cause problems with things like power supply, but also signal supply of radio and TV channels via satellite, dab + or FM. Satellite dishes at the receiving stations are protected against snow. Who wants to take measures at the hotel at their own dish can consider a so-called LNB umbrella that prevents snow from accumulating on the LNB.

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