New: Charge 'n Go 12

Make your venue more powerful with the Charge 'n Go 12. This charging solution allows your visitors to charge their device on the go. Providing this innovative service will enable you to differentiate your venue from co mpetitors. With this Charging Spot you will improve the customers' experience and add value to your venue.



On the go

The Charge 'n Go 12 is a dock that holds twelve power banks. This allows your visitors to borrow a Power Bank and charge their device as they go around your venue. That is why this triAV Spot is perfect for hotels

More energy, more value​

While the Power Bank is in the docking station it can be charged up to 5000mAh which is more than enough energy to charge a smartphone twice. This means one Power Bank can be lent out to several customers without needing to charge it in between. On top of that an empty Power Bank is fully recharged very quickly.

Choose your style​

The docking station of the Charging 'n Go 12 is customizable to your personal preferences. Make your triAV spot unique and let it blend in with the rest of your venue. You can even decide to use your Charging Spot as a marketing tool, by filling up the blank spaces with advertisement. While you give your customers some power, their attention will automatically be drawn to your brand.

  charge n go
  • - Recharges & docks 12 Power Banks.
  • - Each Power Bank holds 5000mAh on a full charge.
  • - Enough energy to (re)charge a smartphone twice.
  • - Keep your customers charged and connected on the go.

Battery capacity: 5,000mAh
Dimensions: 220 x 317 x 180mm
Input: 100 ~ 240V 50/60MHz
Output: 12 x 5V / 1A
Weight: 9.6Kg

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