legal rental Amsterdam quashed

Amsterdam has severely occurred against illegally renting out homes in the city. Amsterdam controls  more strictly on illegal vacation rentals, mostly via Airbnb.

there seems to be a specter arose in the hotel sector about the impact of the rise of Airbnb in the Netherlands. Especially in Amsterdam which offers over 15,000 Airbnb homes for temporary rental, there would be fierce competition. With no doubt the rental platform nibbles customers from the hotel sector, but the huge flow of tourists to Amsterdam will not provide a lower occupancy of hotels. On the contrary.

Especially business travelers often choose hotels. According to economist Thijs Geijer ING elderly  barely pecking on Airbnb. Due to the aging population, increasing wealth and free time this group is an interesting growth market for the hotel industry. Airbnb is obviously popular with young people and budget travelers. bnbmanager

While there are no direct problems for the hotels there are increasing irritations among Amsterdam residents. The inconvenience about tourists who stay in small rooms in large groups is big. Furthermore, houses are rented out on a  professional base so they are constantly available to vacationers. These houses are no longer available to people who want to live in the city.

Amsterdam citizens may rent their homes for no more than sixty days per year and a maximum of four tourists simultaneously. They have to live in the house the rest of the year by themselves.
Last year the council earmarked 1.75 million for additional checks, which came out the total budget at 3.9 million. In 2015 it was 2.15 million.

Additional investment creates additional revenue. The number of inspections increased and thus so did the number of fines. After that significantly more illegal hotels closed: 284 compared to 167 in 2015. With more money available, the municipality can also inspect more advanced.

The number of traditional controls, with a team visits a home, possibly by the support of police or fire department, increased. In addition, officials tracking the websites on the most important sites for holiday rentals, looking for homes that are very long in the lease, or large groups.

This yielded 159 suspicious addresses. Because all controls 1249 houses are removed from the rental and regained available for occupancy.
Amsterdam citizens make frequent mention of holiday rentals. In 2016 the number of reports raised 16 percent upto 2606. Much was illegal subletting or drug use by tourists. At 55 reports it concerned prostitution or trafficking.

Source: bnbmanager
Source: Parool

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