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Screen predictions for the year 2020

The CEDIA Technology Council is made up of visionary experts who watch for the trends that will impact the industry. They created their list of top predictions for the year 2020. We selected some interesting hospitality linked highlights:

At least 2,500 new hotel rooms in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. With about 213 overnight stays per km2 per day the city rises above other major cities in the Netherlands (in 2015). The Hague, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht together count  ‘only’ 131 nights per km2 per day.

Technology Trends That Are Changing Hospitality

It was a truism in the restaurant business that a customer would be disappointed if presented with food inferior to what they could reproduce at home. The analogous problem for hotels now is that guests often have far superior levels of networking and technology at home, leading to a disappointment factor with the hotel.

Samsung Hospitality Solutions

Summer is coming, and with it a surge in travel and tourism. Samsung is helping the hospitality industry welcome travelers and ensure comfort and customer loyalty through a new, personalized guest experience. Enabled by technology, hotels and resorts can be more inviting and responsive than ever.

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