Pearl of the mechanics: Hilton The Hague

Hilton The Hague is located in the historic center of the city and the embassy district of The Hague. The hotel has spacious rooms and suites with a desk and a LG flat-screen hotel TV and are equipped with free WIFI. The bathroom has a bath and a shower.

The existing system at Hilton The Hague no longer met the requirements and were very outdated. Our mechanics have taken on the project and started to work on everything from A to Z.

A few months after extensive advice on new switches and a subsequent ordering process, the time had come for Hilton The Hague to have delivered the switches at trIAV to prepare for the "big" operation.
At triAV, the entire network / Headend was built and configured to then run a few weeks of testing. With all possibilities tried to kill the network but "unfortunately", the equipment with the right configuration was unstoppable :-)

The big operation
First of all, the old system has been replaced by the Johansson IPTV system with all the wishes of Hilton The Hague. It is also headend installed with the Procentric server on IP. This was very exciting as there are 2 headends in an IPTV network to stream and ask for multicast streams of 2 different headends.

Switch it!
Now the exciting key question came up: How can we transfer to new UTP infra without the hotel guests being bothered by this. Eventually after long consultations triAV came up with the solution: We are going to lay new cabling from each SER to the EIA on the 5th floor so that the new network is laid and the old one remains active. Only at the time of "patching" of the patch cables would that give a downtime of up to 20 min per switch / SER, all in all, a top idea! Hilton The Hague agreed with this and everything was set in motion!

The day we were going to install at Hilton The Hague was a long day, but at the end of the day we had the feeling "YES WE DID IT"!

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